Amanda Bowen | 23 June 2015

Amanda Bowen moonlights as Brisbane Foodie and wishes there were more meals in a day.

When it comes to dining, Stones Corner is home to an evolving mix of old favourites and flavours. There's Shady Palms Bar & Cafe, burgers have been devoured from 5 Boroughs, and a fantastic dinner has been had at Indimex Cafe Bar & Restaurant with family and friends. Head chef and owner, GJ Singh is passionate about food - and it shows. Indimex has been open for just over a year now, and many a Brisbanite can attest to the fun, exuberant atmosphere and vibrant flavours that GJ brings to shared dining. The most recent of discoveries is Stones Corner’s best kept secret: Indimex for breakfast. 

Indimex Cafe Bar Restaurant
Indimex in the morning doesn’t immediately give off ‘café’ vibes. It’s easy to see how you could walk straight past, wondering if the crew were still up from a kickin’ night on the margaritas, samosas and chimichangas from the night before. It’s not a mirage though. They are open for breakfast for seven days, from 7.30am – and what a blessing. 

Indimex Breakfast
For starters, they do a great range of the basics, with free range eggs on toast. To get the breakfast basics covered, Indimex has your back. Big breakfasts, eggs benedict, bacon and egg roll - it’s all there. For the adventurous at heart and of palate, there’s the flipside of the menu. Heartily tuck in to the well-priced, full-flavoured, standard breakfast menu. It would be remiss to not disclose the flavours and fun to be had on the other side. To start, the Indimex Brekkie: Chickpea and Potato Bhaji, served with Indian Scrambled Eggs and Parathas. Holy guacamole.

When the plate came out, so did the aromas. The first mouthful of those eggs were like tasting a whole new food for the first time. Savoury, smoky, a little piquant and just delicious. Combined with the bhaji - a little mild curry - and the parathas - grilled flatbread - makes for a very happy lady. One could happily eat Indimex scrambled eggs every day of the week, if there weren’t so many other tasty dishes to go back and try.

There's also the Bombay Benedict. Imagine this: crispy buttered sourdough, poached eggs, grilled chicken tikka slices and curried hollandaise sauce. This is one to put down on the Brisbane Bucket List immediately. The Good Morning Amigo and Masala Omelette round-off the Indimex exotic brekky menu which all look and sound alluring. As a town in love with Mexican-inspired breakfast, there's another international trip for an Indian-infused start to the day.

Indimex Soy Cappucino
Indimex serves up their own unique roast of Dancing Bean coffee for dine-in and takeaway, as well a rocking cake and sweets counter. Outside of the coffee offerings, the signature Masala Chai takes care of the spiced tea lovers, whilst the traditional Indian Lassis keep the smoothie fans content. There are plenty of sunny spots to enjoy a brew and breakfast in the morning light with high benches and cosy lounge seats. Look a little closer and the fabulous daytime chill out potential is large. If a curry or two at this Stones Corner gem has been greatly enjoyed, extend the love affair to breakfast this winter.


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