Brianna Charles | 30 September 2015

Australia’s Biggest Colour Festival SpringFlare lands as an all-ages spring day event at University of Queensland. First inspired by the ancient Indian festival of Holi, SpringFlare is a unique day of music and colour presented by UQ Union. Headliners The Delta Riggs, Jackie Onassis, Willow Beats and Paces promise a premium line-up for a massive colour-fuelled festival. A selection of local food vendors, such as Govindas and other multicultural stalls will be onhand, serving up tasty food and beverages to quench the thirst and keep the afternoon going. And to get the most out of this unique celebration of music and peace that nurtures and unites the human spirit, we've got all the handy tips with our nifty guide on How To SpringFlare
What Is Holi SpringFlare
India is known for its dynamic array of colours, from clothing to jewellery. And Holi is celebrated by spending the day amidst dance, music and feasting with flower petals, scented juices, and colourful powders. Primarily celebrated in India and Nepal in the Vraja and Terai villages during March (their spring), the rising of the first full moon - Phalguna Purnima - is the signal for the festivities to erupt with bonfires, music and the love for life and each other to welcome the new season.

Vishnu Holi SpringFlare
Holi hails back to the Demon King Hiranyakashipu, his sister Holika and her nephew Prahlada where good and devotion to the Hindu god Vishnu triumphs over evil. Holi’s traditions revolves around Prince Prahlada and his worship of Vishnu over his own father, self-proclaimed god Demon King Hiranyakashipu. The king’s sister Holika disapproved of Prahlada’s faith, tricking him into sitting in a bonfire though Vishnu intervened and saved him from the blaze. Bonfires traditionally mark the start of the Holi Festival and are lit the night before Phalguna Purnima. The abir - coloured powder - and gulal - scented water – are much more fun symbols of fire and spring. The colours speak a universal language, transcending verbal barriers and used as messages of hope for the new season. This is understandable, given that India has more than 22 major languages with over 720 dialects

Who Goes To SpringFlare
Creed, ethnic background, faith and social status are discarded with everyone united in celebrating all the colours of the rainbow. This is the festival where colours spread the message of peace and happiness. Holi is also the festival offering opportunities to heal broken relationships. Perhaps there’s been a bit of a disagreement between friends and family: this is the fun and spiritually cleansing opportunity to heal together and make up. Besides, if this festival is good enough for Katy Perry and Cold Play, it’s good enough for everyone. As an all-ages event, it’s a definite must for families and students - from big kids to little.

What To Wear & How To Act

  • Dress in white and be prepared to throw colour powder into the sky with colour countdowns every hour. Throwing colours bags is like throwing a cricket ball – without the accuracy, all the fun and none of the sore bits. 
  • Holi is a celebration: get amongst it, scream and laugh all the day long. Frolic in a carnival atmosphere inspired by love and speak volumes with the universal language of colour. 
  • Don’t get annoyed if anyone throws colours at you – this is how it is celebrated. 
  • Consider wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Protect your valuables – perhaps inside a clear snaplock bag which can be safely shoved in a pocket. 
  • Expect your whites to no longer be brand new and shiny after the celebration. Afterwards, use cleansing milk/lotion, cotton wool, and lukewarm water to clean the colours off - soap dries the skin. 

This awesome video explains it all
With an impressive range of all-Aussie acts spanning psych-rock, hip-hop, indie-pop, and electronic dance, the line-up is epic, and we’ve picked Our Top SpringFlare Tracks. Turn up the volume and get into it.

The Delta Riggs – Soul Train

Jackie Onassis – Special Occasion

Willow Beats – Merewif

Paces – Hold It Down feat. Reija Lee

UQ presents SpringFlare 12noon Saturday October 10 at the University of Queensland with tickets available here.


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