Sarah DoRozario | 04 May 2016

ABOUT THE WRITER: As a health and fitness professional with Prestige Lifestyles, Sarah Do Rozario is committed to health, fitness, and happiness.

The term 'high achiever' doesn’t seem a fitting enough description for 22-year-old Giorgia Piscina, or “Gigi” as she is often known. Born in Bristol, England, and currently residing in Brisbane, Australia, though often travelling for various events and competitions, Gigi is a living and breathing example of health and fitness. Having grown up immersed in all kinds of sport, and receiving unfailing support from her parents, of well-known Australian cosmetics brand ‘Silk Oil of Morocco’, Gigi has recently been involved in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in 2015, and is currently a WBFF Pro Bikini Model, with her next competition coming up in August in Toronto, the 'WBFF Worlds'. Focused as always on her training and nutrition leading up to Worlds, Gigi talks all things athletic, what we might not know about her, and her life outside of the fitness industry. 

What was the motivating factor for you behind becoming involved in WWE?
I use to watch WWE back when it was WWF as a kid! My favourite wrestler was Rey Mysterio! But more recently I’ve become a HUGE fan of Total Divas! Seriously love that show! I’ve always loved watching wrestling and always dreamt of being a Diva! But to be honest I never thought it could be possible! That all changed when WBFF posted to their facebook page asking if any athletes were interested in sending through an application for a WWE reality show…I thought omg is this real life!? I posted my name on the status, then a day later I received an application form to my email. I filled it out and sent it off...the next week I had an arranged skype interview with the casting team! I had a blast with the interview but didn’t hear from anyone for a few months…I thought I must not have got through! But all of a sudden one morning I got through a series of 10 emails…medical testing, background checks… the lot…I’d made it through to final auditions! They sent me my flight details and I flew out the next week…the rest is history!

Who or what inspires you to succeed every day?
I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with amazing role models. My parents have shown me and helped me believe through their successes that I can achieve anything I want. I’m 22 and I believe I can have everything and anything I want in life. Everyone can. The secret is, you’ve just got to want it bad enough. You’ve got to be focussed, you’ve got to stay driven and obsess over your goals a little! I’m not average and I don’t want to do average things…I won’t settle…I always want more…there’s so much out there…so many opportunities…that’s what drives me.

You have competed in gymnastics for a long time as well as WBFF and WWE - have you always been athletic and was there a specific decision made to enter into this fitness realm?
I’ve always been athletic! I was a competitive gymnast from age 6-13 which is where I developed muscle, flexibility and discipline then moved to competitive cheerleading and at school I was involved in all sports from soccer and touch football to basketball, cross country and athletics! I’ve always been fit and kept active! I’ve always enjoyed pushing my body to its limits which is the reason I got involved with the WBFF. I wanted to see what a good diet combined with focused weight training could do to my body…I wanted to see how good my body could look…I was intrigued. That, and the fact I LOVE being in the spotlight and on stage. The WWE interested me because I felt like it packaged all my talents up rather nicely…the athletic ability with the stage presence and performing!


What is your training and nutrition like in the months leading up to competing? 
My diet is quite routine. Especially right now as I’m in competition prep for WBFF Worlds which will be held in Toronto Canada in August. I eat 5-6 meals a day - aiming to eat every 2.5 hours. Lucky for me I have a desk job so eating while I work is easy! My typical day includes:
1st meal – Oats with a scoop of protein (I love vanilla, cookies & cream or banana flavours best!) + 3 egg whites (which I throw in the pan and scramble with Himalayan salt!)
2nd meal – Greek Yoghurt with blueberries OR 3 x Kruskits with avocado & tomato 
3rd meal – chicken and brown rice
4th meal – chicken, sweet potato, broccoli & cashews
5th meal – protein shake (after workout)
6th meal – salmon & broccoli

Closer to competition, carbs are cut down, sodium (salt & various seasonings) is removed and water is increased and then decreased! The final stages of preparation are not sustainable - it is designed for competition prep only.

Having previously competed in WBFF, do you feel this experience helps prepare you for what lays ahead?
Competing in the WBFF opened my eyes to what I could achieve. It helped me realise my strengths and figure out my weaknesses. I knew after competing with the WBFF that performing is something I love and have to do. I’m still not sure if this will involve the WWE or not…I just know it’s where I feel I’m supposed to be. I like being thrown outside my comfort zone…I like feeling uncomfortable because it always feels so rewarding afterwards.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m outgoing and confident now….but all through school I was extremely shy and quiet. I got nervous being in front of people and would get embarrassed really easily. I struggled a bit with bullying too. People may be surprised to know that I actually have a birthmark that covers the whole left side of my cheek. The bullying I received from this growing up left me really insecure and self-conscious. If you’d have told me back then, what I would be doing today, I would never have believed you. Confidence doesn’t come overnight for everyone…mine took time to work on…but confidence is like a muscle…the more you use it the bigger it grows!

What are your thoughts on the new 9Round fitness that you have recently tried out at Morningside?
I absolutely love the 9Round set up! Such an awesome opportunity for busy men and women to fit in a challenging work out! I love the fact not only is the workout only 30 minutes long but it starts every 3 minutes…so there’s no need to book in advance or wait around for a class to start! You can just get in and get out! And it’s 100% worthwhile…you can burn up to 500 calories in 1 session! Bloody awesome if you ask me! Great vibes too! You’ve got trainers there the whole time guiding and encouraging you!


What are your absolute favourite ways to exercise? 
My favourite thing to train is Legs! I love squats, lunges, dead lifts, leg curls, kickbacks and the stair master…anything that’s going to grow my booty really! Least favourite is back! (I hate chin ups! I swear they never get easier!). I love high-intensity workouts! Anything that raises my heart rate and makes me sweat!

If you were not involved in the fitness industry at all, what would you absolutely love to pursue as a passion?
Many people don’t know that my full-time job is in Graphic Design for my parent's company ‘Silk Oil of Morocco’ which is a hair care, skin care and cosmetics brand and I look after the website, marketing material, product packaging and development for the brand. So I guess I’m involved in the Beauty Industry too and have been since my parents launched their first business back 8 years ago. This isn’t my true passion, though, I’d love to one day launch my own business…I’m working on something as we speak but can’t release too many details! Keep an eye on my Instagram for updates :P

What do you love most about what you do?
I love feeling fit and healthy. I love keeping active and pushing myself to my limits. I’ll always take every opportunity handed to me and run with it! The possibilities are endless! Who knows what’s next…I certainly don’t…


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