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The Tamagotchi is Coming Back


The Tamagotchi is Coming Back

Do you remember that beloved digital pet you struggled to keep alive? Well, you can return to wasting your days and cleaning and feeding your Tamagotchi because it's making a come back!

For those who aren’t familiar, a Tamagotchi was a popular virtual pet that you needed to feed, play with and clean otherwise it would sadly pass away. It was such an addictive game, that the device was soon banned from schools as people could no longer deal with the random squeals, frustrated groans or even uncontrollable sobbing... as the Tamagotchi continually died and became reborn. Since their release in the 90's, they’ve become a treasured item, selling on Amazon for as high as $130 when they were originally sold for just $18.


Japanese toy maker Bandai, is re-releasing the digital pet complete with the original six colours and six characters. The only difference? It’s going to about half the size. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing – you’ll just be able to hide your addiction more discreetly now.

The new Tamagotchi is currently only available in Japan or via Amazon Japan for around $25. With the nostalgia of the world kicking in, we can only hope that it will be made available worldwide within a couple of months.

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