MyCityLife - TYA Release New Single “Midnight Drive Through”

TYA Release New Single “Midnight Drive Through”


TYA Release New Single “Midnight Drive Through”

If you haven’t yet heard of TYA, then it’s time to sit down, listen and meet your new favourite band.

Finding success in Far North Queensland (FNQ) at a young age, the boys released their first full-length album as indie / folk band “The Young Art". 

From here, the adventures began as they toured alongside big names such as Wolfmother, Sheppard, Eskimo Joe, Bluejuice, Ball Park Music, The Jungle Giants, The Belligerents and Birds of Tokyo. Ready to explore their sound, the boys made the decision in 2016 to head to Brisbane. Soon enough, the 4-peiece ensemble joined a national tour with lifelong friends Chase Atlantic.


After playing sell-out shows at many Brisbane haunts including The Brightside and The Zoo, the following 12 months saw Sony, Casey, Peter and Reece go through a number of personal challenges. Moulding their sound and direction as band, they began to evolve from The Young Art into TYA. 

The first single “Midnight Drive Throughfrom their debut ep ‘No Money, More Love' recounts the story of the young small-town band moving out of home and realising what was important to them. The smooth blend of simplification, emotion and groove encapsulates all that is TYA and the start of the bands new direction.


With a scintillating selection of songs at the ready, it was now time to convey the same intensity in their album artwork. For 9 hours straight, the band’s drummer Reece listened to the EP without pause while painting his vision of each song and the EP as a whole using acrylic paint on a canvas. The result? A stunning visual experience that takes you on a different journey, melding perfectly with the lyrics of each song.  

As they prepare to drop their secondsingle Hustle in September 2017, we sat down with the group to chat about their new direction, Midnight Drive, and what it’s like to be on the road. 

Originally you were called The Young Art, but have recently changed it to TYA. What brought about this change?
The Young Art represented a young sound, and in a way, an immature sound. Our sound started to change and we knew that we were no longer the same band we were a couple of years ago. We aim to be simplistic and important, we don’t want any extra frills or features that aren’t needed in our music and this needed to reflect in our name. The obvious abbreviation keeps a tie to where we came from but simplifies our direction on what is to come. 


Your new EP ‘No Money, More Love’ takes a new music direction. What would you say your signature sound is?
This is something we struggle to contain; we blend in and out of Indie pop/rock/folk. We all have very different influences and this is what makes our process beautiful, by blending all our ideas.

If we had to put a label on our direction it would be ‘Simplicity, Emotion, Groove’.

You’ve just released your single “Midnight Drive Through”. How have the fans reacted?
We are honestly blessed to have a really good local fan base that have been with us from the get-go and are more than supportive of our new sound. We held a private invite only Single Release song and the reception has been incredible.

What is “Midnight Drive Through” about? Where did the inspiration come from?
The initial inspiration for MDT was the experience of moving out of home in FNQ to a brand-new city, essentially all starting a new chapter. We were broke as hell and we all went through a lot of personal struggles but were lucky enough that we all had each other to go through it with.

The core of MDT is the realisation of what’s important in life: relationships, friendships, experiences and the enjoyment of love and life. Who better to do it with than with the family you get to choose: your friends! 


We really wanted the essence of all we do to be about something real. We felt that this was the perfect introduction into our upcoming debut EP – ‘No Money, More Love’. Midnight is made to be listened to together. It’s a communal vibe that needs to be shared.

What was the creative process like?
Everything that we create is on the back of experience, observation and our surrounding environment. This moves us into either anxiety or excitement and that turns into musical expression

Are all four of you involved in the writing process? Was everyone in the band supportive of this new progression?
Everything written is a manifestation of all the things we individually go through and the experiences we go through together. We never work alone, everything is a co-authored story. We all come together on every idea. All or nothing. 


Reece (drums) only joined the band early 2016, How has he fit into the picture and has this had any influence on the sound?
We have been through a number of drummers but Reece made the stars align. From our very first band practice it just felt right. He brought in completely new flavours in music interest. A new level of passion and emotion into the simple things. A big influence has been his respect of the ‘space’ needed in a song, knowing that we might not have all the answers and that’s okay - let the song breathe, don’t fill it with unnecessary sound and clutter. For the most part he helped solidify our bond as a band.

You’ve recently come back from a tour with Chase Atlantic. How did you guys cope with one another on these adventures? Are there any annoying habits on the road?
Tour life is what it’s all about. Tiring yes, but pales in comparison to the opportunity to play all around the country. We are all best mates and we never had any issues being stuck together, although Reece has a disgusting repertoire of ‘Would You Rather's’ that should never leave the tour bus. 

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