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Think of the most iconic dancer you know. If their name isn’t Hugh Rees and they don’t have a slight fetish for burgers, then you really ain’t thinking right. Let’s start from the top and give you an exclusive, one-off introduction to the new dancing celebrity that will be shaking his bottom for a charitable dollar!

Taking part in the 2018 Dancing CEOs charity gala, MyCityLife’s big boss, Hugh Rees, will be raising funds in support of the Women’s Legal Service and their front line work in domestic violence prevention. 
Ready to talk charity, business and burgers, we were able to get through 10 bodyguards, 3 managers and 5 assistance's, just to talk to the shining star himself.


Hugh Rees, give the readers a little virtual twirl and tell us a bit about yourself.
*Performs a perfect triple pirouette turn*. I was a country boy - born and raised - who grew up in a cattle farm in Miles and pretty much dedicated my days to cricket and studying. After moving away from home when I was 15, I became the ultimate computer nerd and went to university and graduated in Information Technology.

Four years ago, I started Expose Media and began to shift from a software company into a digital agency. Ever since that day – we have only continued to grow, transform and evolve. When I’m not playing Big Papa Smurf to my team at work, I’m playing dad to my 6 month year-old daughter, Willa, and superstar husband to my beautiful partner, Rhea.

Introduce us to your business baby, Expose Media. What is the company about and what do you guys do?
Expose Media is an Australian digital agency that is migrating from traditional media to purely Facebook advertising and web design. We are an agency that is built on knowledge and expertise, and uses charm, strategy, creativity and technology to develop the most innovative and cutting-edge products in the industry. Expose has gone from being a $250,000 annual business, to a million dollar company that works throughout Australia and the international market!


Congratulations on being picked as one of the Dancing CEOs! Do you remember the moment you got the call? How did you feel? Can you describe the exact moment?
It started off as just a regular Tuesday morning. I was sitting at my desk, working extremely hard like always, and I got a phone call from Dancing CEOs, Jess. I’ve been supporting the cause since 2014 and have personally seen how amazing their services are, so it was a no-brainer that I said yes! I wanted to be a part of something big, something that could take me on a journey to change lives.

Have you ever taken professional lessons before, or ever been remotely associated with the physical world of dance? 
Nope, I’m just naturally gifted with the gracefulness of a gazelle. Actually, in Grade 6, my teacher in primary school asked me if I had ever thought of becoming a dancer. Back then I thought she was crazy. But now that I think of it, she may have been onto something.

How have you been getting prepared for your big day?
Fueling up on a powerful energy source – burgers. I like to think that the more burgers I eat, the more booty I have to shake.


Without opening the curtain all the way, can you give us a little peak into what you’ve got planned for your Dancing CEOs debut?
I’m doing something that no one has ever done before. I want to shock the audience, shock my staff and shock myself. All I can say is 1990’s retro London era. And lots of crowd participation!

What is your experience in the charity sector?
Since a young age, I’ve always been involved in charities and have always tried to help out the less fortunate and marginalised voices in society. Expose Media has been a major supporter of Juiced TV for the past 3 years and the Australian charity, Act for Kids. Over the last twenty years, I’ve made it my personal mission to give as much as I possibly can to non-for-profit organisations. Giving back is something we should all make our priority!

Why are you passionate about donating and supporting the Women’s Legal Aid Service?
It’s definitely been on my charitable radar for a while. Domestic violence is a huge issue in Australia and the world; Women’s Legal Aid Service need all the support that they can get. Now that I have a young daughter of my own, it’s something that has definitely become a lot closer to my home and heart.


What’s your attitude going into this battle?
Nobody puts Hugh in a corner.

Who are your celebrity inspirations for epic dance moves?
Without a doubt, I take a page out of the dance books written by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and New Kids on the Block.

Who will be attending as your support team on the sidelines?
All the people that have to be there and have no choice in the matter. Firstly, my whole family – who make enough jokes about my dancing that they can now live it in front of everybody, and secondly - the Expose Staff, who probably won’t return to work on the Monday after.


How can people get involved and join the cause?
You can do many, many things! I’d love for you to donate to the official Dancing CEOs everyday hero page here. If you can’t donate more, get out and donate some time! Time is a precious gift that can be given to charitable services, and can mean just as much as financial aid.

If you really want to join the party though, come and make a ruckus with us at our charity trivia nights. You can also check out the official Hugh Rees website and Facebook page to follow all of our upcoming fundraising events and social outings.

For more information, check out the Dancing CEOs website


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