Brianna Denmeade | 03 July 2018

ABOUT THE WRITER: Brianna Denmeade has a Bachelor in Entertainment Business and works at an Australian music site as one of its managers, and editor. She is passionate about music, culture, and the arts, and contributes to her local community radio station with her writing, management, and production skills.

Following a premiere of his debut single's slick visuals with Australian pop tastemakers
Project U, Brisbane/Meanjin-based Butchulla artist and "diva with a big heart" VAL FLYNN releases "total bop" 'Stuck On Repeat'.

Fit for a London day club, 'Stuck On Repeat' channels the anguish caused by revolving-door relationships into a taught, energetic dance number that knows the intrinsic value of pop music: "[It's] something that connects all of us across the board. Regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status or race. It’s a space where we can collectively forget our days, blast some beats and enjoy the night... I think we are overdue for a resurge of the days of WILD FM and day clubs alike. This single is for all the kids who kick on at 5am and never stop skipping to the beat of their own drum," says VAL FLYNN. Released alongside a bright, brooding film clip directed by Tom Fletcher and Liam Mahoney (Teel), 'Stuck On Repeat' is the first taste from VAL FLYNN's upcoming debut EP.

A life-long creative and Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts (ACPA) graduate, VAL FLYNN’s keen eye for glossy aesthetics led him to work in the fashion and social media worlds for over a decade, eventually running his own Brisbane retail store and amassing over 150k Instagram followers - but the sales-driven nature of that world eventually took its toll.

“That's not what I wanted my life to be anymore - I didn't want to wake up and be asking people what they wore on the weekend. Power to those who want to, but I wanted to create art and perform, not just feel like I was selling my soul to make money,” says FLYNN.

Having abandoned his former lifestyle to return to creating, VAL FLYNN found his voice in the studio with local producer tomtom (Miss Blanks, May Lyn, G Elenil); one inspired by the turn-of-the-century RnB/pop/dance golden era but rendered timeless by vulnerable emotion. 


Hey VAL FLYNN, how are you?
I’m doing extremely well! Busy, but well!

You have recently released your debut solo single Stuck on Repeat. How are you finding the public reaction to the song?
The reactions have been cool, I mean people seem to feel the nostalgia I was aiming for when creating the track.

It also has a really aesthetically pleasing music video released along with it. Was it fun working with directors Tom Fletcher and Liam Mahone to create the video for Stuck on Repeat?
Thank you. It was a lot of hard work and long days but the boys really helped me carve out exactly what I wanted the video to say! Love how it turned out.

For those who do not know your backstory, what were you doing before you started releasing music?
I was working in Fashion as an influencer and then that turned into retail stores selling Australia high-end designers such as Dion already & Maticevski.

Have you been finding it an easy process transitioning your career path?
When I left high school and all throughout my first 21 years of life I studied performing arts and was always in shows etc. I stepped away for personal reasons and I’m happy I’ve found my way back to what my true passion and love. So no, the transition was at the right time for me so it was all good.

What have been some of the biggest challenges of the process?
Fine tuning what I want to say when writing and producing songs. Having to really narrow perspectives down is a challenge for sure.


What are the similarities and differences between working with social media and fashion, to creating and releasing your own music? 
I think they’re very very different fields. Fashion is easy as you throw an outfit together and shoot it and it’ll be on Instagram within the day.! With music I sit on songs and have to really wait and watch when to release and that’s hard cause as a creative you just wanna share it all with the world now! Patience is what music has taught me lol.

Do you think studying at the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts has had a major influence in your life, and how? 
Definitely worth the 12 hour days and weekend rehearsals!! It whipped me into professional shape. 

How do you combine your already amassed social media and fashion knowledge to your now growing music career? 
My music page has to be authentic or people won’t engage. Woh fashion you create a character based on the brand your selling that day. Every day as Val Flynn is the new challenge, so being 100% authentic is the only way. You can’t fake it till you make it with music. 

Now that you have released your first music project to the public can we expect an album or tour in the near future?
Yes! Nearly finished my EP and my second single will drop around September. Currently putting a show together for spring/summer! Watch this space!

What does the track Stuck on Repeat mean to you?
It’s a reflection of life when in your 20s and when the late nights are too real and the revolving door of “relationships” is even more realer. 


What was the creative and recording processes for the song?
Stuck on Repeat was written by me one night in the studio when I was all in my feelings. My producer started synthing and the rest is history. 

What is the key lessons you took from your previous career path, and how will you incorporate that into building a consistent life off of creating music?
Build that brand daily! Just making sure to keep my presence felt and that I’m constantly creating content! (Even if it can’t be shared immediately lol). 

What were the main reasons you decided to move from a more fashion-focused career to music?
I wake up everyday and all I wanna do is sing and that’s one thing that has never changed for me. That’s a real love and passion so I said fuck it and followed my heart. 

If you could collaborate with one artist no longer alive who would you choose to get in the studio with?
Whitney Houston or Aaliyah. 

Who is someone who you can say has been one of your biggest supporters throughout your life?
My amazing parents. 

If fans do want to catch you perform live in the future, or download your music how can they find all of that information?
Follow my Instagram @val__flynn and or my Twitter and Facebook for all tour and updates.


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