Brianna Denmeade | 06 June 2018

For three days and two nights, I was immersed in an Eco Yoga Community situated in Northern NSW, on beautiful organic farmland nestled between lush valleys, not far from Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Byron Bay; the perfect escape. The community itself, not entirely made up of Hare Krishna devotees, is based around the spiritual foundations of the land. It embodies peacefulness with an ambient and calm atmosphere instantaneously felt upon entry of the village. 

One of the first things I noticed is how the pristine and well-kept farmland boasts green grass and healthy hoards of cows, goats and other animals. For those who don’t know much about Hare Krisha, they are a strand of Hinduism who first came together in India centuries ago, and live on a fully vegetarian diet: no alcohol, no cigarettes, no coffee, and no drugs. For most people, this routine would seem torturous and to be honest, I was more than okay with only being there a few days without coffee.


Excited to learn about the reasons behind the Hare Krishna beliefs, I spent time speaking with the soft-spoken yoga instructor, Lila Kirtana. Soon enough, we were delving into the details of their regimen and diet from their beliefs towards foods and intoxicating substances to the study of food energy properties and keeping your mind clear to help with life-decision making.

Being an amateur Yogi myself, I definitely resonated with everything Lila said while also showing how much Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community put emphasis on the philosophies and lifestyle of the origins of yoga. She mentioned how she has taught at other studios outside of Krishna Village but found she did not feel fulfilled because she knew she was only giving her students half the information: teaching yoga poses but without the philosophy behind it.

The Krishna Village also offers Yoga Teacher Training Courses for those who want a truly organic and spiritual yoga experience, whilst also gaining real-world credentials. By the end of the immersive 6-week courses, you’ll not only leave with your yoga training credited certificate, but also an understanding of yoga philosophy, and a newly revitalised lifestyle cleansed of toxic foods and substances. It takes 21-days to break a bad habit, you get 42 during this course to break them and keep them broken!


I had the opportunity to speak Henrike, an intelligent and strong European woman, who has been running the business with the help of a dedicated and ambitious team of people for more than five years. Working diligently and genuinely, the team of builders, instructors, educators and business developers have cultivated a once blank canvas of green farmland, into a thriving business that is continuing to prosper. Since Henrike has arrived, the community has grown exponentially adding courses such as 200 and 300-hour yoga training courses, Balinese Massage Therapy course (which is only a weekend stay) and the Permaculture Course which allows you to leave with the ability to become a certified permaculture designer. 

With a focus on educating guests on health and well-being, while supporting them in the process of integrating this knowledge into their real life without being impacted by current social constructs, is what makes Krishna Village stands out for me. If you aren't in it for a certificate and just want to enjoy the amazing views, community values, and relaxing atmosphere everywhere on site then you can go for a wellness stay where the intention is to relax and reconnect with YOURSELF:

  • Immerse yourself in a fascinating, vibrant community of about 70 yogis, travellers and spiritual seekers on an eco-farm between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast
  • Nourish your soul and experience a healthy, sustainable, spiritually based lifestyle
  • Learn about yoga in a holistic way, including postures, philosophy, kirtan, personal development and delicious vegetarian food
  • Live and breathe the spirit of Bhakti Culture - the yoga of love
  • Take long walks in solitude around the farm, or meet people of all ages and from all around the world to enjoy inspiring conversations around the campfire
  • Feel vibrantly alive and healthy on a physical, emotional and spiritual level
  • If you are curious, visit our beautiful Radha Govardhandhari temple and learn about the spiritual foundations of our 'simple living, high thinking' philosophy.

The on-site philosophy seminar coach, Michael Olabode, hosts lessons on 'Letting Go' and 'The Art of Attraction' for people who may want help changing patterns in their behaviour or just simply learn a bit more about how the world works and how we fit into it. Michael Olabode is also looking to bring his philosophy workshops to Brisbane in the near future! His perspective is VERY enlightened with a lot to share from his past life experiences (including working for a very large bank in Switzerland and just the 20-minutes I sat in on his class, I learnt a lot!

During my 3-days immersed within the Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community, I honestly got WAY more than I ever expected or could have predicted. I don't personally identify with a religion, but there was no doubt this was one of the calmest places I have ever experienced, and all of the people I spoke to within the community seemed happy and at-peace.

Who would have thought this little piece of paradise was less than 2-hours from Brisbane? Check out the website and reach out to book your stay today!


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